I’m so excited you stopped by!! I’m Sachel, a portrait and wedding photographer for women and couples.  

Hearts sachel samone photography destination wedding and portrait photographer based in Alaska

First and foremost, I’m a woman of God. Everything portrait session I do…everything that happens through me, is because of Him. I’m a true believer that every woman has a story…a passion. Something that just…excites and inspires her to not just exist, but to LIVE.

I firmly believe that you have a story that deserves to be told. It is my dream to build a community of people who are genuinely confident in who they are and fearless enough to let their light shine bright in a dimly-lit world. This experience with me is more than just posing pretty and smiling big. It’s about telling your story…capturing your magic…your incredibly powerful strength, grace and wisdom. One day, your children will grow up and if they’re anything like me, they will look for photos of you. This portrait experience is your gift to them. These portraits of you are your legacy.

I’m so excited that you found me! I believe that my clients are more than just clients…they’re friends..my sisters for life! Because I also believe that getting to know my clients is the #1 way to ensure an awesome experience, I’d love to tell you a little bit more about me! Here are a few things you should know!!

  1. I’m a Georgia native, born and raised just outside of Atlanta.
  2. I’m the oldest of three girls…and the shortest!
  3. I’m married to Ethan, the first guy I ever kissed…when I was 7 years old! We met in the summer of 1995 and I even have journals from my childhood where I talk about how much I love him.
  4. We are brand new parents! Ethan and I welcomed our baby boy, J’Aiden, into the world in January and I think it’s safe to say I’m borderline OBSESSED with him! He’s so perfect!
  5.  We are proud also parents to the cutest bichpoo around, Teddy George!
  6. I love traveling to new places and learning new cultures!
  7. I’m a lover of red wine and I LOVE to eat! Seriously, I always have snacks on me.
  8. I love to am a trained ballet and tap dancer and I’m probably the best lip-syncer you will ever meet.
  9. I loooooooove sparkles and tulle! It just makes me so happy!
  10. Nothing excites me more as a photographer than capturing the spirit of a woman and witnessing her discover herself. It always moves me to tears!
  11. Photographing couples is a direct link to the passion I have for my marriage. Capturing the joy and romance between a couple is such a beautiful reminder of the covenant Ethan and I made with God.

At the very core of me, I am a storyteller. I’ve always been fascinated with inspiring and empowering stories. After studying broadcast news in college and working a few years as a reporter, I truly believe that while journalism has taught me how to document life, photography has taught me how to SEE life. I SEE you. I see your strength. I see your hurt…your pain. I see how Genuine you are…how Confident you are…how FEARLESS you are. I know that as women we often struggle to see our own beauty and that’s why I’ve dedicated myself to telling your story and capturing the most captivating portraits you have ever seen of yourself. I don’t care how much you weigh, how old you are or how imperfect you think you are…the truth is you are perfect just the way God made you and I want to show you how beautiful you are.

Now is the time. Now is the time for your story to be told. Now is time for you to fall in love with yourself.

So I invite you to a personal session with me. I promise you….it will DEFINITELY change the way you see yourself.

Sachel Samone Photography | Alaska Glamour and Elopement Photographer | www.sachelsamone.com

Photos of me by Amanda Hedgepeth Photography